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DRAHIM, the Gurdjieff Groups of Israel "The ideas are a summons, a summons toward another world, a call from one who knows and who is able to show us the way."
Mme. de Salzmann, from the Foreword

The Gurdjieff Groups of Israel announce the publication of

                         גורדייף מדבר אל תלמידיו

the Hebrew translation of Gurdjieff Parle A Ses Eleves

From the Editors' Note:
The Talks are recollections of the conversations which took place almost every evening between Gurdjieff and a few dedicated followers, as he moved his Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man, in the most difficult circumstances, from Essentuki in the Caucasus to Tiflis, Constantinople, Berlin, London and finally to the Chateau du Prieure, Fontainebleau, near Paris; and also of the private lectures given by him during several visits to America. Unfortunately, this precious material is not a direct transcription of Gurdjieff's words. To help his pupils reach the state of free attention necessary for an exchange with him at the meetings, Gurdjieff did not permit them to take notes while his talks were going on. However, a few far-sighted listeners – with astonishing powers of memory and in most cases without Gurdjieff's knowledge – made notes afterwards, either alone or with some of the others, of whatever they had heard. The notes kept by different people were gradually collected and have been compared, translated where necessary, and tested by reading them aloud to some who heard the original talks. Incomplete as they are, even fragmentary in some cases, they are an authentic rendering of Gurdjieff's approach to work on oneself, as it was developed informally at the necessary moment.

The Hebrew translation of Gurdjieff Parle A Ses Eleves
(English: Views From the Real World- Early Talks of Gurdjieff) is available directly from us.
Please contact us at: info@gurdjieffisrael.org.
Price: 95 NIS.