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About Us
DRAHIM, the Gurdjieff Groups of Israel   During the 1960's a small group of Israelis, among them many of the founders of Moshav Yodfat, who had studied P.D.Ouspensky's book "In Search of the Miraculous", made direct contact with the Gurdjieff teaching as carried on by his pupils in France.  Dr. Michel Conge, one of Gurdjieff's foremost pupils, was given the task of organizing Work groups in Israel, and received complete responsibility over the groups that eventually formed.
  From those first steps until the present day our groups have been affiliated with the main center of Work in Paris. (www.institut-gurdjieff.com)

  The village of Yodfat was settled in 1960 by a group of young people, students of the charismatic teacher at the Reali High School in Haifa, Dr. Yosef Shechter.  They aspired to create a community that would support and express their inner search.  The encounter between the young Galilee villagers and the ideas of Mr. Gurdjieff proved to be significant.  While Yodfat plays no formal role regarding such matters, it has always supported various directions of inner search.  Chief among these has been the Work begun by Mr. Gurdjieff and carried on by his pupils.  In the late 1960's work began on a permanent home for the Gurdieff groups in Yodfat.  Now, some fifty years later, groups have spread throughout the country and undergone major changes, with the groups in Yodfat continuing to play a central role in the Gurdjieff Work in Israel.  The teaching continues to be a challenge for all those who appreciate the practical possibilities it offers for personal development.

  This website is maintained by "Drahim - the Gurdjieff Groups of Israel", the association formed in Yodfat to direct the functioning of Work groups.
The aims of the association are: